Our clinic strives to support as many people as possible in their quest for health and to educate them about chiropractic care so they may in turn educate others.

Dr. Nardone's goal is to help patients optimize their health.  He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1985 and has been treating patients in Tucson since 1986. In addition to using high force and low force adjustments, Dr. Nardone uses additional methods in order to speed up healing and relieve pain.

Dr. Nardone is a participating provider for most health insurances, HMO's, and Medicare.

This certification required over one hundred hours in a post graduate program, successful completion of a comprehensive written exam and continuing education courses.

Dr. Nardone is Chiropractic Board Certified in Acupuncture since 1986.  He uses both needle acupuncture and acupressure, where he uses his fingers to activate the acupuncture points.

Graston, an instrument assisted mobilization massage technique, detects and helps reduce scar tissue in muscles and tendons.  Dr. Nardone is a certified Graston practitioner having successfully completed Modules 1 and 2. Dr. Nardone has been doing massage and soft tissue techniques since 1979 when he graduated from the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine, a one thousand hour program.  Dr. Nardone also completed a four month program that involved specific deep tissue and fascial release massage.

Dr. Nardone is also a certified Kinesiotape practitioner, having completed the fundamentals and intermediate Modules.  Kinesiotape, popular with Olympic athletes, helps decrease edema, decreases pain receptor activity, and stimulates weak muscles and relaxes tight muscles.

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